Simple, Easy and Convenient Interface

Set up a professional questionnaire for customers within minutes, in a simple, intuitive and flexible way

Using the Pulseem survey system, you can set up a comprehensive survey that will give you feedback from your customers in real-time and will do this independently, without the need for experience or complex technical skills. The survey can be filled out on any type of Pulseem landing pages that connect easily to newsletters and SMS messages

A Wide Choice Range

Whether it's a marketing survey or customer satisfaction survey, the survey can be designed according to the information you would like to extract

In order to learn and receive answers as detailed as possible, you need to know how to ask the right questions and create a wide variety of question types. In the Pulseem system you can choose between multiple choice questions, open questions, automatic completion, selection from a list, and more...

Advanced Report Interface

It is not enough to know how to ask the right questions, you also need to receive the answers in a clear, simple and easy to understand manner

The Pulseem survey system allows you to issue comprehensive reports for the survey results. Among other things, you can display designed graphic reports and you can even export the raw information to an Excel file

Integrating the Survey into the Automation

You created different automation scenarios? Great! Now you can integrate the survey in any of the scenarios you have built

The customer journey begins with their initial contact with the business and continues after becoming a customer. The customer’s satisfaction will determine whether or not they will develop loyalty to the brand and therefore, integrating the survey within the customer journey can turn the answers into successful marketing strategies.

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