Friendly Setup Interface

Automate your business marketing system and make it smarter with a few simple clicks

First plan your customer journey according to the business goals you have defined and then set it up using a visual editor which lets you navigate in it and see how your automations work together and create further opportunities for business growth

eCommerce Automation

Pulseem allows you to focus your automations according to the purchasing behavior of your customers

Create automatic processes so that each customer enjoys a personal purchase experience adapted to their behavior, to help you improve the conversion rates on the site. The wide range of automations enables you, among other things, to generate purchase recommendations for customers based on previous purchases, prevent shopping cart abandonment, and other actions

Multi-Channel Communication

The automation processes work in all the Pulseem’s inbound channels in order to manage the relationship with the customers

Smart customer journey scenarios are activated using triggers that combine the variety of channels for managing the relationship with customers, from newsletters, through SMS messages to sending Web Push messages, so you can contact your customers and increase your revenues.

Maximum Optimization

Pulseem's system knows how to repair itself using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Beyond the optimal timing in terms of opening rates and conversions, Pulseem offers an A/B Testing Optimization mechanism that allows you to "hop" between the campaign versions according to the actual opening rate, and always send the more successful version.

A Tailored Message to Each Customer

To produce an efficient and effective customer journey, it’s important to make sure that the right customers receive the right messages

Pulseem’s system enables you to segment tagged contacts, so that customer journeys take place in advance and thus, according to the customer’s needs and preferences, present them with the following message in the appropriate wording and channel for them

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